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A brief description of your company will help people decide whether to book with you or a competitor.
Try to mention the things that make your company amazing and give reasons why people should book with you, as well as mentioning your favourite airports and resorts...

What happens if a flight is delayed?
Do you monitor flights so you know if a customer is delayed?
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Please enter the number of vehicles that you operate.

Please explain how customers will find your drivers.

At some airports there are specific meeting points for pre-booked vehicles.

Please include an emergency contact number that the customer can call if they are delayed or if they can't find your driver. Make sure the number is in INTERNATIONAL FORMAT (include the country dialling code).

This is a template that you will be able to modify for each booking.

When you accept a booking through the system we will provide you with:
- the pick-up and drop-off locations
- the flight details (if applicable)
- the customer's email address
- the customer's mobile telephone number
- any special request the customer has made.

Tell people what will happen after you accept a booking. Do they need to do something or will you contact them?

How will the customer pay you for the transfer (if applicable)?

This is a template that you will be able to modify for each booking.

Setting this now will make it quicker to send quotes. However, you will still be able to change this value on any particular quote.